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ISO 8124-12:2023

Safety of toys — Part 12: Microbiological safety


Kehtiv alates 04.08.2023
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This document specifies acceptable criteria for microbiological cleanliness and adequacy of preservation of the specified toy materials. The requirements in this document apply to all toys that are, contain or are supplied with aqueous materials (e.g. paste, putty, liquid or gel). In addition, this document applies to toys that are or include a cosmetic (including those intended for use on a toy as well as on the child). Powders and similar substances intended to be mixed with water are also within the scope of this document.
The cleanliness and preservation effectiveness requirements are applicable to a toy as it is initially received by the consumer in an unopened and undamaged container and do not apply after a toy is subjected to reasonably foreseeable conditions of normal use and abuse, unless specifically noted otherwise. The microbial limits and test methods contained in this document are inappropriate to apply to products that are consumer complaint returns, as there is no way to establish what conditions the toys have been subject to before being returned.
The following are excluded from the scope of this document:
—     materials that are inaccessible during normal use or reasonably foreseeable abuse;
—     powder or powder-like materials intended to show biological phenomena, e.g. shrimp eggs, seeds, soil;
—     food.

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