prEN 15330-4

Surfaces for sports areas - Synthetic turf and needle-punched surfaces primarily designed for outdoor use - Part 4: Specification for shockpads used with synthetic turf, needle-punch and textile sports surfaces

prEN 15330-4
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This European Standard specifies minimum performance and durability requirements for shockpads and elastic layers used within synthetic turf, needle-punch and textile sports surfaces. It applies to any shockpad used as an elastic component in sports surfacing system. The Standard describes how the performance of a shockpad or elastic layer shall be measured, and the results classified in a common format to enable developers of sports surfacing systems that wish to use shockpads or elastic layers to select the most appropriate shockpad or elastic layer for their intended sports surface. It also details the maximum changes in performance a shockpad or elastic layer should experience when subjected to artificial ageing if it is to offer satisfactory long-term performance when installed within a sports surfacing system. The Standard also specifies appropriate performance tolerance for production and on-site quality control procedures. Note 1: The sports performance characteristics of a synthetic turf, needle-punch or textile sports surface are provided by the combined characteristics of the playing surface, any infill within the playing surface pile and any shockpad. The selection of the correct permutations of each is complex and the responsibility of the sports surface designer. It is important to take these facts into account when considering the performance of a shockpad; a shockpad alone should not be expected to satisfy the performance requirements of the complete playing surface as specified in EN 15330-1 and EN 15330-2. Note 2: This Standard only refers to the shockpad or elastic layer. It makes no recommendations on sub-base constructions or the different synthetic turf for needle-punch textile sports surface designs. Note 3: Some types of shockpad are also intended to provide structural properties to the base of a sports facility. These aspects of a shockpad’s performance are not considered by this European Standard. Where appropriate compliance with national standards and guidelines for these aspects should be followed.
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