prEN IEC 63237-1:2021

Household and similar electrical appliances - Product information properties - Part 1: Fundamentals

IEC 63237-1 ED1; prEN IEC 63237-1:2021
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This part of IEC 63237 provides a method of standardizing the descriptions of household electrical appliances. The aims of this standard are - to define a common language for customers and suppliers through the publication of classes, represented by properties and their attributes; - enable electronic data exchange by machines (including information technology systems, see M2M communication); - to optimize workflows between customers and suppliers as well as in processes such as engineering, development and purchasing within their own organizations; - to offer also a dictionary to legislators and - to reduce transaction costs. The standard describes household electrical appliances using properties and makes the associated properties available in the IEC Common Data Dictionary (IEC CDD). Furthermore, this document provides rules, methods and the generic data structure for product specific classification standards and on how to produce a reference dictionary based on IEC 61360 Series. This in turn creates a descriptive basis of company internal and external descriptions of household electrical appliances based on structured classes and lists of properties. NOTE The terms "class", "properties" and "attributes" are defined in Clause 3 following the established definitions in IEC and ISO documents.
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