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Sustainability in buildings and civil engineering works - Data templates for the use of EPDs for construction products in BIM (ISO/DIS 22057:2021)

ISO/DIS 22057; prEN ISO 22057
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This document provides the principles and requirements to enable environmental and technical data provided in Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for construction products and services, construction elements and integrated technical systems to be used in building information modelling (BIM) to assist in the assessment of the environmental performance of the construction works over its life cycle. The mechanism used in this document to enable this is a data template created following ISO 23386 and ISO/FDIS 23387 and the resulting data sheet. This includes both mandatory and voluntary data from different types of EPD, such as generic, specific, average and representative, and other relevant information necessary for use of EPD at the construction works level within a BIM environment. This document gives requirements on structuring EPD information using a data template, to make EPD data machine interpretable, and enable their integration into information-driven design, construction and operational processes. This document will also be appropriate to structure generic life cycle assessment (LCA) data for use within a BIM environment, as this data is required in the absence of suitable EPD data to enable assessment of the environmental performance at construction works level. The assessment of environmental performance at the construction works level is not covered by this document.
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