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Bibliographic references and source identifiers for terminology work

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  • ICS Group: 01.020 Terminology (principles and coordination)
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ISO 12615:2004 applies to the recording, storing and exchange of information on bibliographic sources for terminological work and terminography. It specifies the data elements to be included in bibliographic references for terminology work. These references can be used as data categories in computer applications in terminology or in presenting bibliographies and lists of references accompanying other textual matter, and citations in journal articles. ISO 12615:2004 does not apply to bibliographic descriptions that record and identify documents and are used by librarians, bibliographers and indexers. ISO 12615:2004 also describes source identifiers for different types of bibliographical references and their use. It indicates how the data elements from the bibliographic reference can be reflected in a source identifier, and how its constituent parts can be assembled to provide a unique identifier. ISO 12615:2004 will facilitate the following: identifying, tracing and validating terminological data and other language resources;cross-referencing to documents containing terminological data;data flow management in networking and other cooperative work in terminology documentation and terminography;exchange of terminological data;preparation of technical documents;carrying out of individual projects of terminology and terminography.

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