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CEN/TS 15480-3:2010

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Identification card systems - European Citizen Card - Part 3: European Citizen Card Interoperability using an application interface

ECC part 3 will provide an Interoperability Model, which will enable an eService compliant with technical requirements, to interoperate with different implementations of the European Citizen Card. This Interoperability model will be developed as follows: - starting from the ECC part 2, part 3 of the ECC series will provide additional technical specifications for a middleware architecture based on ISO/IEC 24727. This middleware will provide an API to an eService as per ISO/IEC 24727-3; - a set of additional API provide the middleware stack with means to facilitate ECC services; - a standard mechanism for the validation of the e-ID credential stored in the ECC and retrieved by the service. In order to support the ECC services over an ISO/IEC 24727 middelware configuration, this part of the standard specifies the following: - a set of mandatory requests to be supported by the middleware implementation based on ISO/IEC 24727; - data set content for interoperability to be personalized in the ECC; - two middleware architecture solutions: one based on a stack of combined ISO/IEC 24727 configurations and the other based on Web Service configuration; - a Global Profile featuring the guidelines for card-applications to fit in ISO/IEC 24727 framework.

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