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EVS-EN 15869-2:2010

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Inland navigation vessels - Electrical shore connection, three-phase current 400 V, up to 63 A, 50 Hz - Part 2: Onshore unit, safety requirements

This European Standard specifies requirements applicable to equipment for shore-to-vessel supply of three-phase 400 V electrical power up to 63 A and a frequency of 50 Hz to berthed inland navigation vessels. This part of the European Standard specifies safety requirements for the onshore unit of the electrical shore connection. This part of the European Standard applies only to the supply of inland navigation vessels in ports and berths for commercial shipping. Supply stations for leisure craft and houseboats in marinas or similar locations have to meet the requirements of IEC 60364-7-709. For low-voltage electrical installations, the requirements specified in the HD 60364 and HD 384 series are applicable generally. The requirements in this part of EN 15869 supplement, amend or supersede some of the requirements in HD 60364/HD 384 Parts 1 to 6. Where no requirements are given in this part of EN 15869, the requirements specified in the HD 60364 and HD 384 are applicable; a detailed list is given in the Bibliography.

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