CEN ISO/TS 21268-1:2009

Soil quality - Leaching procedures for subsequent chemical and ecotoxicological testing of soil and soil materials - Part 1: Batch test using a liquid to solid ratio of 2 l/kg dry matter

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Withdrawn from 01.11.2019
Base Documents
ISO/TS 21268-1:2007; CEN ISO/TS 21268-1:2009
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This part of ISO/TS 21268 specifies a test providing information on leaching of soil and soil materials under the experimental conditions specified hereafter, and particularly at a liquid to solid ratio of 2 l/kg dry matter. It applies to soil and soil material with a particle size less than or equal to 4 mm. This part of ISO/TS 21268 has been developed to measure the release of inorganic and organic constituents from soil and soil material and the ecotoxicological effects of eluates with respect to micro-organisms, fauna and flora. The test is not suitable for constituents that are volatile under ambient conditions. For ecotoxicological testing, see ISO 15799.
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