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CEN/TR 12349:2023

Mechanical vibration - Guide to the health effects of vibration on the human body

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Valid from 15.08.2023
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CEN/TR 12349:2023
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The aim of this document is to provide information on the possible adverse health effects caused by exposure to vibration at work. The report addresses manufacturers, companies which introduce machinery on the EU market as well as employers and employees using vibrating machinery in order to improve their understanding of the possible health problems arising from occupational exposure to vibration.
This document is limited to the effects on health and does not cover the potential effects of vibration on comfort, human performance, or vibration perception. Most of the information on whole-body vibration in this document is based upon data available from research on human response to vibration of seated persons. There are only few data on the effects of vibration on persons in standing, reclining or recumbent positions.
The information on both hand-transmitted vibration and whole-body vibration is based upon data from laboratory research on acute effects as well as upon data from epidemiologic field-studies at workplaces.
Additional information can be obtained from the scientific literature.

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