CEN/TR 14383-2:2007

Prevention of crime - Urban planning and building design - Part 2: Urban planning

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Valid from 07.03.2008
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CEN/TR 14383-2:2007
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This Technical Report gives guidelines on methods for assessing the risk of crime and/ or fear of crime and measures, procedures and processes aimed at reducing these risks. Design guidelines are given for specific types of environments to prevent or counteract different crime problems (see 4.3). Furthermore, guidelines for a step by step process are presented to involve all stakeholders (see 4.4) engaged in urban planning and environmental crime reduction as well as all other stakeholders mainly local and regional authorities and residents in the multi-agency action needed to minimise the risks of crime and fear of crime. This Technical Report is applicable to the planning process of new, as well as existing, urban areas. An area can be the neighbourhood or environment ranging from just a few houses or streets to the whole city with a focus on public spaces.
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