CEN/TR 15654-3:2019

Railway applications - Measurement of vertical forces on wheels and wheelsets - Part 3: Approval and verification of on track measurement sites for vehicles in service

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Valid from 15.05.2019
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CEN/TR 15654-3:2019
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This document is related to EN 15654-1, Railway applications - Measurement of vertical forces on wheels and wheelsets - Part 1: On-track measurement sites for vehicles in service, which lays down minimum technical requirements and the metrological characteristics of a system for measuring and evaluating a range of vehicle loading parameters during operation in service. The aim of this document is to describe approval and verification procedures to validate the functional and metrological characteristics of measurement systems and confirm them over time. The goal is to obtain the comparability and reproducibility of measurement results under different boundary conditions. To minimize the number of tests, the approval and verification procedures are divided into: - type approval, - initial verification, - in-service verification. The accuracy class of a measurement system depends on the measurement device, vehicle and track characteristics. Test procedures covering these influences are described to ensure reproducibility in all networks. The procedures described in this document do not impose any restrictions on the design of measurement sites, on the types of vehicles that can be monitored, or on which networks or lines the measuring system can be installed. The annexes include examples for test procedures, calculation of maximum permissible errors and statistical test methods.
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