CEN/TR 16467:2013

Playground equipment accessible for all children

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Valid from 02.04.2013
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CEN/TR 16467:2013
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This Technical Report covers open access, unsupervised play spaces. It does not cover adventure playgrounds or other play spaces which are used under supervision. The intention of this document is to enable users, to a large extent, to access play spaces and use the equipment independent of the help of others. This Technical Report is intended to be used in conjunction with EN 1176 and provides guidance to those involved in the specification, provision and management of play environments. It is intended to help create spaces that will promote opportunities for children of differing abilities to have the opportunity to participate in unsupervised play, and with appropriate levels of challenge and risk. The scope of EN 1176 (all parts) covers only the safety requirements for play equipment and play surfaces. When developing this Technical Report, however, it was realised that the scope for "play for all" needed to consider a wider context, covering not just the immediate play space but also provide information about the broader environment and other access and facility issues.
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