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CEN/TR 17884:2022

ICT accessibility competences - Guidelines for a more inclusive ICT development

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Valid from 17.10.2022
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CEN/TR 17884:2022
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This document specifies the knowledges, skills, responsibility and autonomy of ICT experts involved in the development of products and services (including digital contents) to increase the accessibility knowledge in different fields, for different competences and responsibilities.
This document:
—  considers accessibility as "base line" (accessibility has been also recognized in EN 16234-1:2019 as a Transversal aspect);
—  recognizes accessibility as the requirement in procurement for both public and private sectors;
—  provides an overview of useful CEN, ISO and ESCO publications in the field;
—  defines a set of knowledges, skills, responsibility and autonomy for different ICT areas to improve accessibility in the current professional roles and job positions (hardware, software, web);
—  refers to ESCO ICT profiles, that can be adapted for the three main areas: hardware, software, web;
—  refers to W3C activities for define knowledges, skills, responsibility and autonomy in web accessibility role profiles;
—  supports activities for educational providers and exam/certification institutes.
This document should help, for example, to:
—  avoid issues on the definition of third level profiles derived from European ICT Professional Role Profiles without missing accessibility requirements;
—  enable easy application of accessibility related EU-level standards and references from CEN, ISO and ESCO;
—  allow the market to adapt their current job profiles and/or training courses adding the accessibility skills.
This document supports the definition of knowledge and skills for each ICT professional role without creating new ICT role profiles which includes accessibility competences.

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