CEN/TS 17159:2018

Societal and citizen security - Guidance for the security of hazardous materials (CBRNE) in healthcare facilities

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Valid from 16.04.2018
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CEN/TS 17159:2018
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This Technical Specification provides guidance for managing security of (high risk) chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear or Explosive materials, such as those covered by the EU CBRN action plan, that are used within healthcare facilities (HCF); it covers the lifecycle of such materials within a HCF’s span of control. In this Technical Specification these materials are referred to as ‘CBRNE materials’. It covers the protection of (high risk) CBRNE materials used in healthcare facilities against security threats relating to their deliberate misuse. It covers the protection of people, assets and information related to CBRNE materials. This Technical Specification also applies to circumstances where healthcare is provided at locations remote from the normal location of the HCF. This Technical Specification also provides guidance to all stakeholders that are responsible for each step in a lifecycle of CBRNE materials within the HCF such as such as administrator staff, facility management staff, logistics and transport staff, medical staff, waste management staff, domestic staff and security staff as well as visitors and contractors working on the HCF premises. This Technical Specification can be applied as part of generic management systems such as EN ISO 9001 [2], EN ISO 22301 [3], ISO 22320 [4] and possibly ISO 28001 [5]. It does not apply to occupational health and safety issues deriving from the proper and improper use of such materials.
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