CEN/TS 17812:2022

Determination of the acoustic properties of markings - The CPX measurement method

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Valid from 01.08.2022
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CEN/TS 17812:2022
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This document outlines a method to measure the typical external noise emission produced when tyres of passenger car roll over a structured road marking. The result is a measure for the noise perceived in the surroundings of the road, hence not for interior noise in the car.
This method can be used for three purposes:
- determination of initial acoustic properties of a road marking, yielding a noise label for a given system;
- testing of the acoustic conformity of a particular marking to the noise label determined during the determination of initial acoustic properties;
- monitoring of the acoustic properties in the course of its lifetime.
The test result allows the road owner to make an assessment of the risk of nuisance when s/he considers a particular road marking system for application on a road in a noise sensitive area, e.g. built up areas. The method is also applicable to measurements on milled rumble strips.
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