CLC IEC/TS 61980-3:2020

Electric vehicle wireless power transfer (WPT) systems - Part 3: Specific requirements for the magnetic field wireless power transfer systems

General information
Valid from 15.06.2020
Base Documents
IEC/TS 61980-3:2019; CLC IEC/TS 61980-3:2020
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Standard history
This part of IEC 61980 series, (in a first step as Technical Specification for three-year period) applies to the equipment for the magnetic field-wireless power transfer (MF-WPT) of electric power from the supply network to electric road vehicles for purposes of supplying electric energy to the RESS (Rechargeable energy storage system) and/or other on-board electrical systems in an operational state when connected to the supply network, at standard supply voltages ratings per IEC 60038 up to 1000V a.c. and up to 1500 V d.c.This standard also applies to MF-WPT equipment supplied from on-site storage systems (e.g. buffer batteries etc.) at standard supply voltages ratings per IEC 60038 up to 1000V a.c. and up to 1500 V d.c.
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