CLC/TR 60079-32-1:2018

Explosive atmospheres - Part 32-1: Electrostatic hazards, guidance

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Valid from 03.01.2019
Base Documents
IEC TS 60079-32-1:2013/A1:2017; IEC/TS 60079-32-1:2013; CLC/TR 60079-32-1:2018
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Standard history
IEC/TS 60079-32-1:2013(E) gives guidance about the equipment, product and process properties necessary to avoid ignition and electrostatic shock hazards arising from static electricity as well as the operational requirements needed to ensure safe use of the equipment, product or process. It can be used in a risk assessment of electrostatic hazards or for the preparation of product family or dedicated product standards for electrical or non-electrical machines or equipment. The purpose of this document is to provide standard recommendations for the control of static electricity, such as earthing of conductors, reduction of charging and restriction of chargeable areas of insulators. In some cases static electricity plays an integral part of a process, e.g. electrostatic coating, but often it is an unwelcome side effect and it is with the latter that this guidance is concerned. If the standard recommendations given in this document are fulfilled it can be expected that the risk of hazardous electrostatic discharges in an explosive atmosphere is at an acceptably low level. Keywords: risk assessment of electrostatic hazards, static electricity
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