CLC/TS 50238-2:2020

Railway applications - Compatibility between rolling stock and train detection systems - Part 2: Compatibility with track circuits

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Valid from 16.07.2020
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CLC/TS 50238-2:2020
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This document defines, for the purpose of ensuring compatibility between rolling stock and track circuits, the limits for interference current emissions from rolling stock. The measurement and evaluation methods for verifying conformity of rolling stock to these limits are presented in a dedicated annex. The interference limits are only applicable to rolling stock that is intended to run on lines exclusively equipped with preferred track circuits listed in this document. The rolling stock test methodology (infrastructure conditions, test configurations, operational conditions, etc.) presented in this document is applicable to establish compatibility with any track circuits. This document gives guidance on the derivation of interference current limits specified for rolling stock and defines measurement methods and evaluation criteria in a dedicated annex. This document defines: a) a set of interference current limits for RST (Rolling Stock) applicable for each of the following types of traction system: 1) DC (750 V, 1,5 kV and 3 kV); 2) 16,7 Hz AC; 3) 50 Hz AC; b) methodology for the demonstration of compatibility between rolling stock and track circuits; c) measurement method to verify interference current limits and evaluation criteria. NOTE 1  The basic parameters of track circuits associated with the interference current limits for RST are not in the scope of this document. NOTE 2  Any phenomena linked to traction power supply and associated protection (over voltage, short-circuit current, under- and over-voltage if regenerative brakes are used) is part of the track circuit design and outside the scope of this document.
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