CLC/TS 61949:2008

Ultrasonics - Field Characterization - In-situ exposure estimation in finite-amplitude ultrasonic beams

General information
Valid from 05.09.2008
Base Documents
IEC/TS 61949:2007; CLC/TS 61949:2008
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Standard history
This Technical Specification establishes: • the general concept of the limits of applicability of acoustic measurements in water resulting from finite-amplitude acoustic effects; • a method to ensure that measurements are made under quasi-linear conditions in order to minimise finite-amplitude effects, which may be applied under the following conditions: − to acoustic fields in the frequency range 0,5 MHz to 15 MHz; − to acoustic fields generated by plane sources and focusing sources of amplitude gain up to 12; − at all depths for which the maximum acoustic pressure in the plane perpendicular to the acoustic axis lies on the axis; − to both circular and rectangular source geometries; − to both continuous-wave and pulsed fields; • the definition of an acoustic quantity appropriate for establishing quasi-linear conditions; • a threshold value for the acoustic quantity as an upper limit for quasi-linear conditions; • a method for the estimation of attenuated acoustic quantities under conditions of nonlinear propagation in water.
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