CWA 16374-64:2011

Extensions for Financial Services (XFS) interface specification Release 3.20 - Part 64: Cash Dispenser Device Class Interface Migration from Version 3.10 (CWA 15748) to Version 3.20 (this CWA) Programmer's Reference

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Valid from 04.01.2012
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CWA 16374-64:2011
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This specification describes the functionality of an XFS compliant Cash Dispenser Module (CDM) Service Provider. It defines the service-specific commands that can be issued to the Service Provider using the WFSGetInfo, WFSAsyncGetInfo, WFSExecute and WFSAsyncExecute functions. Persistent values are maintained through power failures, open sessions, close session and system resets. This specification covers the dispensing of items. An "item" is defined as any media that can be dispensed and includes coupons, documents, bills and coins. However, if coins and bills are both to be dispensed separate Service Providers must be implemented for each. All currency parameters in this specification are expressed as a quantity of minimum dispense units, as defined in the description of the WFS_INF_CDM_CURRENCY_EXP command. There are two types of CDM: Self-Service CDM and Teller CDM. A Self-Service CDM operates in an automated environment, while a Teller CDM has an operator present. The functionality provided by the following commands is only applicable to a Teller CDM: WFS_CMD_CDM_SET_TELLER_INFO WFS_INF_CDM_TELLER_INFO
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