CWA 16374-68:2011

Extensions for Financial Services (XFS) interface specification Release 3.20 - Part 68: Text Terminal Unit Device Class Interface Migration from Version 3.10 (CWA 15748) to Version 3.20 (this CWA) Programmer's Reference

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Valid from 04.01.2012
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CWA 16374-68:2011
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This specification describes the functionality of the services provided by text terminal unit (TTU) services under XFS, by defining the service-specific commands that can be issued, using the WFSGetInfo, WFSAsyncGetInfo, WFSExecute and WFSAsyncExecute functions. This section describes the functions provided by a generic Text Terminal Unit (TTU) service. A Text Terminal Unit is a text i/o device, which applies both to ATM operator panels and to displays incorporated in devices such as PIN pads and printers. This service allows for the following categories of functions: - Forms oriented input and output - Direct display output - Keyboard input - LED settings and control All position indexes are zero based, where column zero, row zero is the top-leftmost position. If the device has no shift key, the WFS_CMD_TTU_READ_FORM and WFS_CMD_TTU_READ commands will return only upper case letters. If the device has a shift key, these commands return upper and lower case letters as governed by the user's use of the shift key.
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