CWA 17029-110:2016

Business Interoperability Interfaces for Public Procurement in Europe - Post Award - Part 110: Profile BII18 Punch Out

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Valid from 01.06.2016
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CWA 17029-110:2016
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This profile describes a process where the buyer accesses the supplier’s web-based catalogue, and adds and/or configure items (such as a PC) to a product or service list. The product or service list is the shopping cart transaction. The product- or service lists are sent to the buyer´s procurement system (real time), and can later be used as a basis for an order or an item comparison in the buyer’s catalogue tool. The order it is prepared and sent from the customer´s procurement system, not from the supplier´s website. This document identifies, explains and justifies the business requirements for the Punch Out-process. The intention of this profile is the synchronization of the Punch Out catalogue information between the selling and the buying side in a business relationship, where the selling side is the source of the information and the buying side the receiver. In this profile, the selling side can be any Economic Operator and the buying side any Contracting Authority. The intended scope for this profile includes business-to-government (B2G) and business-to-business (B2B) relationships. Although this profile is a basis for an EDI agreement between two parties, it does not address all business level details of such an agreement. It is the sellers' responsibility that data contained in the shopping cart transaction is valid from a technical, as well as a business point of view. The transaction, specified in this profile are intended to be exchanged between the procurement systems of contracting authorities and systems for shopping cart transactions of economic operators. The login- and logout transactions are outside scope of this profile, and it should be noted that the login transaction may contain business information such as user id or contract id. In this profile, synchronization of shopping cart transaction information covers the submission of new information, no update or deletion of information is covered by this profile. In case of an update/change, the buyer will simply generate a new product- or service list by repeating the process. The order transaction is outside scope of this profile, we then refer to profiles BII03 Order Only, BII27 Advanced Ordering, BII28 Ordering or BII32 Simple Ordering. The identifier for this profile is:
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