CWA 17029-405:2016

Business Interoperability Interfaces for Public Procurement in Europe - Post Award - Part 405: Guideline on Initiating the Procurement and Invoice Process with Accounting

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Valid from 05.07.2016
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CWA 17029-405:2016
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This guideline is a deliverable of the third CEN Workshop on Business Interoperability Interfaces for public procurement in Europe (WS/BII3). The objective of the BII initiative is to provide a framework for interoperability in pan-European electronic procurement transactions, expressed as a set of requirements and technical specifications. The requirements are input into UN/CEFACT in order to ensure global interoperability. The purpose of this guideline is to describe how the procurement transactions that may be exchanged through the use of BII profiles may be integrated into the accounting processed of the receiving party. The focus is on the invoice as an accounting document but the guideline also considers related information exchanged with other documents such as order. This guideline fulfils the workshop deliverable PoAw-08 Integrating the procurement and invoice process with account, described as follows: "Development of guideline and best practices for integrating the procurement and invoice process with accounting. Particularly for accounting entry in different scenarios/profiles (Invoice only, Catalogue-Order-Invoice). Efficient ways of coding dimensions and how to communicate the necessary information."
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