CWA 17663:2021

Measurement of Worker Satisfaction in Automated Systems - Methodology CEN Workshop Agreement

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Valid from 15.03.2021
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CWA 17663:2021
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This CWA sets out guidance for the application of a systematic and reliable methodology which may be used to develop bespoke worker satisfaction (3.7) measurement tools for automated work systems (3.1) design. In doing so, it aims to promote the availability and consistency of robust psychometric (3.5) measurement tools for the design of future manufacturing systems in order to enhance worker satisfaction and, in turn, wider workforce wellbeing and performance outcomes. It does not advocate a single satisfaction measurement tool, because no single measure is universally applicable across different contexts. The methodology described in this CWA document focuses on worker satisfaction measurement but, as it is based on social science principles for psychometric tool development, is transferable to the development of psychometric measures for measurement of other latent psychological variables (3.4) and other contexts. The document offers a methodology for assessing psychosocial impacts of automation/human-robot cell design which is independent from risk assessment but could be used to support it. The methodology is not mandatory for a PSR-related workplace design or companies OSH-prevention policies.
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