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CWA 18024:2023

Emergency management - Incident situational reporting for critical infrastructures

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Valid from 01.09.2023
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CWA 18024:2023
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This document provides requirements and recommendations for a common set of information, datatypes and terms to be reported and provided by affected critical infrastructures to national or local coordination centres or control rooms of emergency services or competent authorities. Then coordination centres can share this information with other emergency authorities and other critical infrastructures in case of an emergency incident.
This information sharing aims at the higher command levels, i.e., strategic and operational (FEMA 2010, [5]) of crisis management and response. It is not aimed at the tactical level (forces on scene).
The incident information defined in this document is structured in a way to provide to the personnel responsible for responding to such incidents, the necessary and sufficient information that will help them to understand the severity of the incident and its potential consequences, easily and rapidly.
Recommendations for displaying this information on a computer screen or printing in a usual paper format are also provided in Annex B (informative).
In addition, the incident information could be used in order for competent authorities to maintain statistics on incidents affecting critical infrastructures.
This document does not aim to provide a technical schema for the information shared between organisations or systems but to recommend the structure and on the necessary information for incident reporting and notification. In addition, this document provides recommendations on how to create a printed or a pc-screen template of the incident report in order for the targeted audience to get easily an insight of the situation.
The intended users of this document are security liaison officers of critical infrastructures, public administration, coordination centres, first responders’ control rooms and first responders of a higher command level.

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