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EVS-EN 12341:2023

Ambient air - Standard gravimetric measurement method for the determination of the PM10 or PM2,5 mass concentration of suspended particulate matter

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Valid from 01.09.2023
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EN 12341:2023
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EN 12341 describes a standard method for determining the PM10 or PM2,5 mass concentrations of suspended particulate matter in ambient air by sampling the particulate matter on filters and weighing them using a balance. For air quality across the European Union to be assessed consistently, Member States need to employ standard measurement techniques and procedures. This document aims to present a harmonized methodology for monitoring the mass concentrations of suspended particulate matter in ambient air.

As specified in Annexe A, measurements are performed with samplers with inlet designs, operating at a nominal flow rate of 2,3 m3/h, over a nominal sampling period of 24 h. Measurement results are expressed in μg/m3, where the air volume is the volume at ambient conditions near the inlet at the sampling time. The range of application of EN 12341 is for 24 h measurements from approximately 1 μg/m3 (i.e. the limit of detection of the standard measurement method expressed as its uncertainty) up to 150 μg/m3 for PM10 and 120 μg/m3 for PM2,5.

EN 12341 describes procedures and gives requirements for the testing and use of so-called sequential samplers, equipped with a filter changer, suitable for extended stand-alone operation. Sequential samplers are commonly used throughout the European Union to measure concentrations in ambient air of PM10 or PM2,5. However, EN 12341 does not exclude the use of single-filter samplers.

EN 12341 represents an evolution of earlier European Standards (EN 12341:1998 and 2014, EN 14907:2005). The new equipment procured shall comply fully with EN 12341.

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