EVS-EN 13155:2020

Crane - Safety - Non-fixed load lifting attachments

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Valid from 31.12.2020
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EN 13155:2020
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This document specifies safety requirements for the following non-fixed load lifting attachments for cranes, hoists and manually controlled load manipulating devices:
a)  plate clamps;
b)  vacuum lifters:
1)  self-priming;
2)  non-self-priming (pump, venturi, turbine);
c)  lifting magnets:
1)  electric lifting magnets (battery fed and mains-fed);
2)  permanent lifting magnets;
3)  electro-permanent lifting magnets;
d)  lifting beams;
e)  C-hooks;
f)  lifting forks;
g)  clamps;
h)  lifting insert systems for use in normal weight concrete,
as defined in Clause 3.
This document does not give requirements for:
-  non-fixed load lifting attachments in direct contact with foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals requiring a high level of cleanliness for hygiene reasons;
-  hazards resulting from handling specific hazardous materials (e.g. explosives, hot molten masses, radiating materials);
-  hazards caused by operation in an explosive atmosphere;
-  hazards caused by noise;
-  hazards relating to the lifting of persons;
-  electrical hazards;
-  hazards due to hydraulic and pneumatic components.
For high risk applications not covered by this standard, EN 13001-2:2014, 4.3.2 gives guidance to deal with them.
This document covers the proof of static strength, the elastic stability and the proof of fatigue strength.
This document does not generally applies to attachments intended to lift above people. Some attachments are suitable for that purpose if equipped with additional safety features. In such cases the additional safety features are specified in the specific requirements.
This document does not cover slings, ladles, expanding mandrels, buckets, grabs, or grab buckets. This document does not cover power operated container handling spreaders, which are in the scope of EN 15056.
This document is not applicable to non-fixed load attachments manufactured before the date of its publication.
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