EVS-EN 13279-1:2008

Gypsum binders and gypsum plasters - Part 1: Definitions and requirements

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Valid from 07.10.2008
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EN 13279-1:2008

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This European Standard specifies the characteristics and performance of powder products based on gypsum binder for building purposes. This includes premixed gypsum building plasters for plastering of walls and ceilings inside buildings where they are applied as a finishing material which can be decorated. These products are specially formulated to meet their application requirements by the use of additives/admixtures, aggregates and other binders. Gypsum and gypsum based building plasters for manual and mechanical applications are included. This European Standard also applies to gypsum binders both for direct use on site and for further processing into gypsum blocks, gypsum plasterboards, gypsum boards with fibrous reinforcement, gypsum fibrous plasterwork and gypsum ceiling elements. Gypsum mortar for internal not load bearing partitions not exposed to water is also included. Calcium sulfate used as binder for floor screeds is not covered by this European Standard.
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