EVS-EN 13565-1:2004+A1:2007

Fixed firefighting systems - Foam systems - Part 1: Requirements and test methods for components CONSOLIDATED TEXT

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Withdrawn from 01.11.2019
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EN 13565-1:2003+A1:2007
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EVS-EN 13565-1:2004
This European Standard specifies requirements for materials, construction, and performance of components intended for use in fixed foam fire fighting systems, and using foam concentrates conforming to EN 1568-1 to EN 1568-4. The components covered are: proportioners, sprayers, semi-subsurface hose units, branchpipes, low/medium expansion foam generators, high expansion foam generators, foam chambers, tanks and pressure vessels. Methods of test are given in annexes A to K. Requirements are also given for the provision of the characteristic data needed for correct application of components.NOTE 1 Unless otherwise stated pressures are gauge pressures expressed in bar.The requirements of this specification do not cover, except where stated, the use of combinations of components to form part, or the whole, of a fire fighting system. NOTE 2 It should not be assumed that components conforming to this specification are necessarily compatible one with another. Requirements for pumps, motors and the functioning of mechanical components (i.e. remote control turrets) are outside the scope of this standard.
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