EVS-EN 13670:2010

Execution of concrete structures

General information
Valid from 03.02.2010
Base Documents
EN 13670:2009
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Standard history

(1)  This European Standard gives common requirements for execution of concrete structures, it applies to both in-situ works and construction using prefabricated concrete elements.  (2)  This standard expects the execution specification to state all the specific requirements relevant to the particular structure. (3)  This standard is applicable to permanent as well as temporary concrete structures. (4)  Additional or different requirements should be considered and, if required, given in the execution specification when using: a)  lightweight aggregate concrete; b)  other materials (e.g. fibres) or constituent materials; c)  special technologies/innovative designs. (5)  This standard does not apply to concrete members used only as equipment or construction aids for the execution. (6)  This standard does not cover the specification, production and conformity of concrete. (7)  This standard is not applicable to the production of precast concrete elements made in accordance with product standards. (8)  This standard does not cover safety and health aspects of execution, or third party safety requirements. (9)  This standard does not cover contractual issues or responsibilities for the identified actions.
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