EVS-EN 1398:1999

Dock levellers

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Withdrawn from 07.05.2009
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EN 1398:1997
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This standard is applicable to the calculation, design, construction, safety devices, installation, use, maintenance, and testing of dock levellers. with the exception of a) dock levellers for marine and aircraft applications, b) lifting tables, c) vehicles mounted tail lifts. NOTE 1 : Requirements for lifting tables are laid down in prEN 1570. NOTE 2 : Requirements for vehicles mounted tail lifts are laid down in prEN 1756-1 1.2 This standard includes dock levellers which are used by persons and/or manual or power driven transport equipment (e.g forklift trucks) as traffic paths between goods vehicles, both road vehicles and rail waggons, and parts buildings such as loading docks. This standard does not deal with bridging devices where the load is a complete vehicle, such as a self propelled vehicle or towed trailer. [The scope of the complete standard includes illustrations of types of dock levellers.] 1.3 This standard containes requirements in order to protect persons and objects against accidents and damage during use and operation of dock levellers. 1.4 Persons to be protected are a) operators, b) maintaining and inspecting personnel, c) persons near the dock leveller. 1.5 Objects to be protected are a) goods on dock levellers, b) transport equipment on dock levellers. 1.6 The significant hazards of docks levellers are listed in clause 4. These hazards have been identified by risk assessment according to EN 292-2 and require actions to avoid the hazard, or to reduce the risk, which are covered in clauses 5 and 6. 1.7 The safety requirements are based on the assumption that the dock levellers are regularly maintained by competent persons to the instructions of the manufacturer and that the operating persons have been instructed in the use of the dock levellers.
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Dock levellers - Safety requirements
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