EVS-EN 14434:2010

Writing board for educational institutions - Ergonomic, technical anf safety requirements and their test methods

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Valid from 06.04.2010
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EN 14434:2010
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This European Standard specifies ergonomic, technical and safety requirements for wall mounted and free-standing writing boards for use in rooms for educational and training purposes, e.g. classrooms, lecture theatres for schools, universities, etc. It is intended to prevent serious injury through normal functional use, as well as misuse that might reasonably be expected to occur. This document applies to units after installation. Safety depending on the structure of the building is not included, e.g. the strength of wall mounted boards includes only the board and its parts. The wall and the wall attachment are not included. Requirements concerning electrical safety are not included. Annex A (normative) includes an assessment scale for the ability to write and erase. Annex B (informative) includes terminology for display writing boards. Annex C (informative) includes significant technical differences between this document and EN 14434:2004.
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