EVS-EN 14592:2022

Timber structures - Dowel-type fasteners - Requirements

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Valid from 17.05.2022
Estimated date of Estonian translation publication: 01.2023
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EN 14592:2022
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This document specifies the characteristics of the following types of dowel-type fasteners: - nails; - staples; - screws; - dowels; - bolts with nuts. This document covers dowel-type fasteners for structural use in load bearing timber structures only. This document covers also the following additional intended uses of the screws: - to fix roof or cladding elements to the timber structure, with or without insulation layers; and - as reinforcement inserted in timber or in a glue laminated timber element to improve its resistance to compression perpendicular to the grain. This document covers types of dowel-type fasteners, which are manufactured of either carbon steel or stainless steel and which may be coated for the following purposes: - corrosion protection (as Type 1 coating); - lubrication, to facilitate insertion (as Type 2 coating); - withdrawal enhancement and/or collation for nails and staples (adhesive and/or resin coatings) (as Type 3 coating). This document covers types of dowel-type fasteners, which are manufactured from materials and within the specifications for their geometry related properties, only as they are specified for: - nails (see G.1); - staples (see G.2); - screws (see G.3); - dowels (see G.4); and - bolts with nuts (see G.5). This document specifies also the assessment and verification of constancy of performance (AVCP) procedures of these characteristics and includes provisions for marking of dowel-type fasteners. This document does not cover dowel-type fasteners treated with fire retardants to improve their fire performance, nor does it cover glued-in rods.
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