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EVS-EN 15287-2:2023

Chimneys - Design, installation and commissioning - Part 2: Chimneys and connecting flue pipes for room sealed combustion appliances

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Valid from 01.09.2023
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EN 15287-2:2023
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EN 15287-2 describes the method of specifying the design, installation and labelling criteria for chimney systems, construction of custom-built chimneys, the relining or converting of existing chimneys, connecting flue pipes and air supply pipes for room-sealed combustion appliances as well as the use of chimney products. It also gives information on the commissioning of an installed chimney.

EN 15287-2 applies to chimneys which are subject to the following limiting conditions:

— the distance between the supports not to exceed 4 m,

— the distance above the last structural attachment not to exceed 3 m,

— the free-standing height above the uppermost structural support attachment for chimneys with rectangular cross-sections is not more than five times the smallest external dimension.

EN 15287-2 does not cover:

— chimneys that serve a mixture of fan-assisted or forced draught burners or natural draught appliances,

— installations having a configuration of the type C2.

The methods in EN 15287-2 are applicable to chimneys and connecting flue pipes for room-sealed combustion appliances.

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