EVS-EN 15431:2008

Winter and road service area maintenance equipments - Power system and related controls - Interchangeability and performance requirements

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Valid from 07.03.2008
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EN 15431:2008
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This document applies to power systems equipped for the operation and able to drive implements and attachments such as snow ploughs and/or spreaders on winter service vehicles or mowers on road service area maintenance vehicles, equipped with front-mounting plates according to prEN 15432. The purpose of this standard is to ensure interchangeability of vehicles and implements. The minimum requirements on the performance and the components of the hydraulic system as well as the kind, the size and the location of the connecting elements between the vehicle and the implement are specified in this standard. This standard does not deal with airport equipment. This standard does not cover applications, where the implements need a continuous hydraulic oil flow exceeding 45 l/min.
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