EVS-EN 15497:2014

Structural finger jointed solid timber - Performance requirements and minimum production requirements

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Valid from 06.10.2014
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EN 15497:2014
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This European Standard sets out provisions regarding the performance characteristics for structural finger jointed timber with rectangular cross section for use in buildings and bridges. The use of structural finger jointed timber may be limited to certain service classes in some member states. It also lays down minimum production provisions and procedures for Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance for structural finger jointed timber. This European Standard is applicable to structural finger jointed timber made of coniferous timber species listed in this standard or poplar. Although it may be possible to produce structural finger jointed timber made from specific broadleaf species based on some provisions of this European Standard, this standard is not applicable to these products. This European Standard is only applicable to finger joints between timber sections of the same species. This European Standard does not cover impressed (die-formed) finger joints. This European Standard covers structural finger jointed timber untreated or treated against biological attack. Structural finger jointed timber treated with fire retardants is not covered.
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