EVS-EN 15657-1:2009

Acoustic properties of building elements and of buildings -Laboratory measurement of airborne and structure borne soundfrom building equipment - Part 1: Simplified cases where theequipment mobilities are much higher than the receivermobilities, taking wirlpool baths as an example

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Withdrawn from 02.08.2017
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EN 15657-1:2009
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Part 1 of this European Standard shall apply to any source –receiver configuration where the receiver mobility is 10 dB below the source mobility (see definition of mobility in Clause 3 below). However, part 1 is restricted for the moment to whirlpool baths since only this type of building equipment has been experimentally studied so far; for other types of building equipment, the principle of the method is still valid, but some details in the standard might not be relevant. Therefore, this first part: - specifies methods for the measurement under laboratory conditions of airborne and structure borne sound produced by whirlpool baths connected to low mobility structures; for the case of whirlpool baths, building structures of mass per unit area equal or greater than 220 kg/m2, hollow elements excluded, are considered as low mobility elements; - defines the expression of the results, including data for comparison between products (single value descriptors) and input data for the prediction method (link to EN 12354-5 explained in Annex B).
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