EVS-EN 15746-3:2020

Railway applications - Track - Road-rail machines and associated equipment - Part 3: Technical requirements for running

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Valid from 31.12.2020
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EN 15746-3:2020
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1.1 General This document deals with the technical requirements to minimize the specific railway hazards of self-propelled road-rail machines, as defined in EN 15746 1:2020, 3.1, henceforward referred to as machines, when designed and intended for running on European railways within the scope of European Directive 2007/58/EC. The running mode is an option designed by the manufacturer which permits the use of the machine on a specified railway infrastructure without the need for special operational rules. NOTE 1 The use of special track safety equipment (i.e. part of automatic train protection systems) does not necessarily mean that the machine has a running mode; some Infrastructure Managers use such equipment as means of protection for machines in travelling and/or working modes. NOTE 2 This document is written for 1 435 mm nominal track gauge; special requirements can apply for running on infrastructures with narrow gauge or broad gauge lines. Urban rail and railways utilizing other than adhesion between the rail and wheels are not included in this document. This document does not apply to the following: - the specific requirements established by the machine operator for the use of machines, which will be the subject of negotiation between the manufacturer and the Infrastructure Manager; - travelling and working both on and off rails; - running on urban rail. For a road-rail machine it is assumed that an EU road permissible host vehicle will offer an accepted safety level for its designed basic functions before conversion. Unless explicitly stated otherwise in a particular clause this specific aspect is not dealt with in this European Standard. 1.2 Validity of this document This document applies to all machines which are within the scope of the Commission Regulation (EU) No 1302/2014 for locomotives and passenger rolling stock.
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