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EVS-EN 16171:2016

Sludge, treated biowaste and soil - Determination of elements using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)

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Valid from 01.11.2016
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EN 16171:2016
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This European Standard specifies a method for the determination of the following elements in aqua regia or nitric acid digests of sludge, treated biowaste and soil:
Aluminium (Al), antimony (Sb), arsenic (As), barium (Ba), beryllium (Be), bismuth (Bi), boron (B), cadmium (Cd), calcium (Ca), cerium (Ce), cesium (Cs), chromium (Cr), cobalt (Co), copper (Cu), dysprosium (Dy), erbium (Er), europium (Eu), gadolinium (Gd), gallium (Ga), germanium (Ge), gold (Au), hafnium (Hf), holmium (Ho), indium (In), iridium (Ir), iron (Fe), lanthanum (La), lead (Pb), lithium (Li), lutetium (Lu), magnesium (Mg), manganese (Mn), mercury (Hg), molybdenum (Mo), neodymium (Nd), nickel (Ni), palladium (Pd), phosphorus (P), platinum (Pt), potassium (K), praseodymium (Pr), rhenium (Re), rhodium (Rh), rubidium (Rb), ruthenium (Ru), samarium (Sm), scandium (Sc), selenium (Se), silicon (Si), silver (Ag), sodium (Na), strontium (Sr), sulfur (S), tellurium (Te), terbium (Tb), thallium (Tl), thorium (Th), thulium (Tm), tin (Sn), titanium (Ti), tungsten (W), uranium (U), vanadium (V), ytterbium(Yb), yttrium (Y), zinc (Zn), and zirconium (Zr).
The working range depends on the matrix and the interferences encountered.
The method detection limit of the method is between 0,1 mg/kg dry matter and 2,0 mg/kg dry matter for most elements. The limit of detection will be higher in cases where the determination is likely to be interfered (see Clause 4) or in case of memory effects (see e.g. 8.3 of EN ISO 17294-1:2006).
The method has been validated for the elements given in Table A.1 (sludge), Table A.2 (compost) and Table A.3 (soil). The method is applicable for the other elements listed above, provided the user has verified the applicability.

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