EVS-EN 16228-1:2014+A1:2021

Drilling and foundation equipment - Safety - Part 1: Common requirements

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Valid from 31.12.2021
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EN 16228-1:2014+A1:2021
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This European Standard specifies the common safety requirements for drilling and foundation equipment. Part 1 of this European Standard deals with the significant hazards common to drilling and foundation equipment (see Annex A), when they are used as intended and under the conditions of misuse which are reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer associated with the whole life time of the machine (transport, assembly, dismantling, equipment in service and out of service, maintenance, moving on site, storage, disabling and scrapping). NOTE 1 The requirements specified in this part of the standard are common to two or more families of drilling and foundation equipment. This document gives safety requirements for all types of drilling and foundation equipment and is intended to be used in conjunction with one of parts 2 to 7. These machine specific parts do not repeat the requirements from part 1 but supplement or modify the requirements for the type of drilling and foundation equipment in question. For multipurpose machinery, the parts of the standard that cover the specific functions and applications are used, e.g. a drilling machine also used as a piling machine will use the relevant requirements of EN 16228-1, EN 16228-2, and EN 16228-4. The following machines are excluded from the scope of this standard: - tunnelling machines, unshielded tunnel boring machines and rodless shaft boring machines for rock according to EN 16191; - raise boring machines; - drill rigs used in oil and gas industry; - specialized mining machinery and equipment for opencast mining (e.g. rock drill rigs, blast hole drills) (under the scope of CEN/TC 196); - all underground mining machinery and equipment for the extraction of solid mineral substances (e.g. rock drill rigs, raise boring machines, shaft boring machines, mining auger boring machines, jumbos) as well as machinery and equipment for underground mine development (under the scope of CEN/TC 196); - core drilling machines on stand (covered by EN 12348); - hand-held machines (in particular machines covered by ISO 11148-5). NOTE 2 Specific requirements for offshore applications are not covered by this European Standard. Where a drilling or foundation equipment of fixed configuration that is not intended to be separated is assembled using a carrier based on earth-moving equipment, agricultural equipment, or a crane, then the completed assembly is !covered by this" standard. Drilling and foundation equipment within the scope of EN 16228 parts 1 to 6 may include interchangeable auxiliary equipment within the scope of EN 16228-7, either as an integral part of its construction or as interchangeably fitted equipment. !If drilling and foundation equipment is intended to be used in a potentially explosive atmosphere, or in case of lightning risk, additional requirements will need to be met which are not covered by this document. This document is not applicable to drilling and foundation equipment manufactured before the date of its publication."
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