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EVS-EN 16230-2:2016

Leisure karts - Part 2: Safety requirements for karting facilities

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Valid from 06.12.2016
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EN 16230-2:2016
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This European Standard is applicable for karting facilities, as defined in 3.1 below, relating to karts that are not intended to be used on public roads.
This European Standard applies to:
-operation of leisure karts only;
-operation of karts propelled by a combustion engine, including LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) combustion engines;
-operation of karts used on indoor and outdoor tracks, permanent or temporary;
-operation of karts used on supervised tracks designed for leisure karting, with a permanent hard surface (such as asphalt, concrete, timber and steel);
This part 2 does not consider the use of karts on ice or snow.
This European Standard does not apply to:
-operation of karts used for competition organized by and under the responsibility of Commission international of Karting (CIK) Federation International of Automobile (FIA) and/or ASN (a national automobile club or other national body recognized by the FIA as sole holder of sporting power in a country), ensuring through the granting of licenses by an ASN or one of its affiliated members as defined in the International Sporting code, compliance with the safety, sporting, disciplinary and technical rules of the CIK-FIA and/ or ASN;
-operation of karts designed exclusively for competition and toys;
-operation of cross country karts;
-operation of karts with two or more seats;
-operation of karts used on tracks not mentioned above (such as mud, earth);
-operation of karts used in amusement parks.
The requirements related to the hazards of electrical propulsion are not covered in this European Standard. Other than when the hazards of electrical propulsion dictate the operational standards herein are applicable to electrical carts.
This European Standard specifies appropriate measures to eliminate or reduce the risks arising from significant hazards, hazardous situations and events (see Clause 6) during operation and maintenance of the karts, when carried out as intended by the manufacturer.
This document is the part 2 covering track design and operation referred to in the scope of part 1.
This document serves to provide guidance for circuit operators regarding the safe operation of karting facilities. It does not remove the participants' responsibility for their own safety, nor does it remove the overriding principle that motorsport, due to its very nature, can be dangerous.

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