EVS-EN 16587:2017

Railway Applications - Design for PRM Use - Requirements on Obstacle Free Routes for Infrastructure

General information
Valid from 16.06.2017
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EN 16587:2017
Standard history
This European Standard describes the specific ‘Design for PRM Use’ requirements for obstacle-free routes applying to infrastructure and the assessment of those requirements. The following applies to this European Standard: - The definitions and requirements describe specific aspects of ‘Design for PRM Use’ required by persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility as defined in the PRM TSI; - This European Standard defines elements which are universally valid for obstacle-free routes. The definitions and requirements of this European Standard should be used for infrastructure applications; - This European Standard only refers to aspects of accessibility for PRM passengers, it does not define general requirements and general definitions; - This European Standard assumes that the infrastructure is in the defined operating condition; - Where minimum or maximum dimensions are quoted these are absolute NOT nominal requirements. This European Standard contains requirements relating to 'Obstacle-free routes'.
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