EVS-EN 16845-1:2017

Photocatalysis - Anti-soiling chemical activity using adsorbed organics under solid/solid conditions - Part 1: Dyes on porous surfaces

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Valid from 04.04.2017
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EN 16845-1:2017
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This European Standard specifies a test method for the evaluation of the photocatalytic self-cleaning performance of materials showing photocatalytic activity, usually based on semiconducting metal oxides such as titanium dioxide, by the measurement under solid/solid conditions of the decolouring ability under irradiation with ultraviolet light (UV-A) of a test sample on which a dye solution is sprayed and dried.
This European Standard is intended for use with opaque and rough surfaces of different kinds, such as construction materials in flat sheet, board or plate shape, that are the basic forms of materials for various applications.
This European Standard also applies to fabric, plastic or composites containing photocatalytic materials that are not soluble in acetone. This European Standard does not apply to photocatalytic glass, granular materials (unless they are deposited in compact films or layers over flat solid surface) and flat non porous materials.
The method evaluates only the self-cleaning ability of the material under ultraviolet light irradiation. It cannot be applicable to evaluate other performance attributes of photocatalytic materials, i.e. decomposition of water contaminants in liquid or gas phases contacting the material, and antifogging and antibacterial actions.
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