EVS-EN 17347:2021

Road vehicles - Machines for mounting and demounting vehicle tyres - Safety requirements

General information
Valid from 15.04.2021
Base Documents
UNI 11691; EN 17347:2021
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This Standard specifies the safety requisites requirements and their verification for the design and building of machines (see the definition in point 3.2) for mounting and demounting tyres on the vehicles listed below and identified according to the international categories M1, M2, N1, O1, O2, L4 and L5: a) cars b) buses c) lorries d) motor-vehicles for specific or special transport e) mobile homes f) cargo trailers g) car trailers h) motorised quadricycles i) motor vehicles j) mopeds k) agricultural machines (if the wheel/tyre dimensions are compatible with the maximum dimensions indicated in the tyre changer user instructions) The vehicles listed in points a) to f) must have an overall full-load mass no greater than 3.5 t. These machines are designed to ensure the tyre is correctly fitted on the wheel in safe conditions. The standard describes how to eliminate or reduce the risks resulting from the foreseen use (or improper but reasonably foreseeable use) of these machines by the operator during normal operation and service. In addition, it specifies the type of information that the manufacturer must supply with regards to safe working procedures. The Standard describes all the significant hazards (as listed in Table 1) and the danger situations and events relating to these machines. This Standard does not apply to hazards regarding maintenance or repairs carried out by professional maintenance personnel.
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