EVS-EN 17422:2022

Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics - Quantitative surface test for the evaluation of teat disinfectants used in the veterinary area - Test method and requirements (phase 2 step 2)

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Valid from 16.08.2022
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EN 17422:2022
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This procedure specifies a test method and the minimum requirements for bactericidal activity of teat disinfectants that form a homogeneous, physically stable preparation when diluted with hard water - or in the case of ready-to-use products - with water.
This method applies to teat disinfectants that are used in the veterinary area on teat skin without mechanical action as pre-milking and/or post-milking teat disinfectants.
NOTE 1 The method described is intended to determine the activity of commercial formulations under the conditions in which they are used.
NOTE 2 This method corresponds to a phase 2 step 2 test.
NOTE 3 Two types of synthetic skin were assessed in a ring trial with no significant difference in performance. Other synthetic skins may become available and may be used if it can be shown that they give comparable results to the two referenced in this standard.
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