EVS-EN 17472:2022

Sustainability of construction works - Sustainability assessment of civil engineering works - Calculation methods

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Valid from 15.03.2022
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EN 17472:2022
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This document establishes the requirements and specific methods for the assessment of environmental, economic and social performances of a civil engineering works while taking into account the civil engineering works’ functionality and technical characteristics. By the means of this document the decision making for a project is supported by providing a standardized method for enabling comparability of scheme options. The assessment of environmental and economic performances of a civil engineering works is based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Cost (LCC), Whole-Life Cost (WLC) and other quantified environmental and economic information. The approach to the assessment covers all stages of the civil engineering works life cycle and includes all civil engineering works related construction products, processes and services, used over its life cycle. This document is applicable to new and existing civil engineering works and refurbishment projects. The environmental performance is based on data obtained from Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and additional indicators. This document is not applicable for the assessment of the environmental, social and economic performance of building(s) as part of the civil engineering works; instead, EN 15978, EN 16309 and EN 16627 apply.
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