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EVS-EN 17558:2023

Ergonomics - Ergonomics of PPE ensembles

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Valid from 17.07.2023
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EN 17558:2023
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This document contains test methods for comparing the performance of different ensembles as part of any PPE selection process.
This document does not replace the product standards for the certification of individual items of PPE. It specifies the testing of individual items of PPE as an ensemble, so that the interactions between the individual items of PPE can be evaluated and any adverse interactions between the individual items of PPE, the user and the environment can be identified.
It specifies requirements for testing by either assessing the performance of a PPE ensemble against a benchmark condition (i.e. benchmark testing) or assessing the performance of two or more PPE ensembles against each other (i.e. comparative testing).
This document incorporates examples of laboratory and field tests. It can also be used to assess the performance regarding the ergonomics of an ensemble that incorporates an item of PPE that has never before been incorporated into an ensemble, and the listed methods can be combined into dedicated test batteries for evaluating that ensemble.

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