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EVS-EN 1854:2022+A1:2023

Safety and control devices for burners and appliances burning gaseous and/or liquid fuels - Pressure sensing devices for gas burners and gas burning appliances

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Valid from 29.12.2023
Base Documents
EN 1854:2022+A1:2023
Directives or regulations

Standard history

Main + amendment
EN 13611:2019, Clause 1 applies with the following modification: Modification: The 1st paragraph of EN 13611:2019, Clause 1 is replaced by: This document specifies the safety, design, construction, and performance requirements and testing of pressure sensing devices for burners and appliances burning one or more gaseous fuels. This document is applicable to pressure sensing devices for gaseous fuels, air, or combustion products with declared maximum inlet pressures up to and including 500 kPa. It applies to all types of pressure sensing devices, including electronic, differential and inferential types. It also specifies requirements for pressure sensing devices which are intended to be applied to steam boilers and as such need to meet increased reliability requirements. EN 13611:2019 Clause 1, 4th paragraph is not applicable.

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