EVS-EN 1957:2012

Furniture - Beds and mattresses - Test methods for the determination of functional characteristics and assessment criteria

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Valid from 06.11.2012
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EN 1957:2012
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This European Standard specifies test methods for the determination of the durability and hardness of mattresses and all types of fully erected beds with mattresses (and mattress pads when they form a unit with the mattress). It does not apply to water beds, air beds and children cots. It includes a method for the determination of the firmness rating of a mattress or a bed correlating to the subjective assessment made by people (see Annex A). It needs to be emphasized that the firmness rating cannot be used to demonstrate comfort and/or quality of a mattress or a complete bed. Ageing and degradation caused by air, light, humidity and temperature is not included. The test results are only valid for the article tested. When test results are intended to be applied to other similar articles, the test specimen shall be representative of them.
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