EVS-EN 196-7:2008

Methods of testing cement - Part 7: Methods of taking and preparing samples of cement

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Valid from 07.02.2008
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EN 196-7:2007
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This European Standard describes the equipment to be used, the methods to be followed and the provisions for taking samples of cement, representative of given lots for testing, to assess the quality of products prior to, during or after delivery. The provisions of this standard are only applicable when samples of cement are: a) required for evaluating the conformity of a cement at any time with a standard; or b) requested for checking a delivery or a lot with a standard, the provisions of a contract or the specification in an order. The standard is applicable to the taking of samples of all types of cements defined by European Standards for cements whether they are: c) contained in silos; d) contained in bags, canisters, drums or any other packages; e) transported in bulk in road vehicles, railway wagons, ships, etc. NOTE The requirements of this standard can also, by agreement between the parties, be followed for acceptance inspections for all non-standardized hydraulic binders.
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